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Top Local Tracks of the Year (As Voted By Us)

It’s that time of year when we all sit down and reflect upon the year gone by. What else are you meant to do in that grey period between Christmas and New Years. Here at Newcastle Live we love our music so of course we’re kicking off the best of 2017 with “The best local tracks that dropped in 2017”.

Ben Leece – Drinking Youth

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‘Drinking Youth’ is a track that allows you to mentally check out of the daily grind, even for just an instant, and reset, recharge and get lost in bliss. The track is firmly planted in the heart of a modern country story that’s sure to fill your soul and start your day off on the right foot.

Paper Thin – When You Call

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The four-piece released an absolutely epic EP last year which broke hearts, got us throwing our sweaty fists in the air and made us all really appreciate the wonderful place we call home. Feeling feelings forever, dealing with them never and ‘When You Call’ is no exception.

Spencer Scott’s vocals are once again oh so on point, and really hammer home the thoughts, feelings and nostalgia we always attach to the music we listen to. The band have really taken the time to perfect their sound, and the added addition of vocals by Grace Turner is a true delight for any punk fan. There’s a really great emphasis placed on the breakdowns during this track, and it’s nice to hear the band as a whole really stretch out and give us a run for our pennies.


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RAAVE BBIES dropped their latest single ‘k bye’ earlier in the year and after it melted my face off, it really cemented in my mind, just how flipping incredible this band is. It’s definitely a lot heavier than their last release ‘2 u xoxo,’ but will still manage to delight your senses and get you amped for whatever the day may throw at you. (Also the lyric “I don’t know what you said to me but it sounded like Ketamine” is pure poetry so here’s a high five from me to you).

Amy Vee – I am the fire

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With every play of ‘I Am The Fire’ a new layer of strength and determination surfaces, paying homage to the passionate individual. Because it’s not a sad song, not in the slightest. Rather it’s a toast to stoic strength and the true power of creative vulnerability. The song isn’t meant to be pulled apart, or torn down to be understood. It just, is. And it’s beautiful.

Grace Aberhart – Famous

‘Famous’ is just so flipping wonderful. Grace’s song writing is exceptional, honest and just broody enough to be one of my most favourite discoveries of 2017.

Rachel Maria Cox – Emotionally Untidy

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A darker, and somewhat heavier track, ‘Emotionally Untidy’ is an ode to loose ends, heartbreaking goodbyes and the pre conceived misconceptions about intimacy, that we have all fought with at one time or another. Once again, RMC has effectively translated the quarter life crisis chatter into a jam that will have you turning up your headphones as you effortlessly run away from your problems.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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