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Top five unconventional ways to keep warm this winter

If you’re anything like me, you live in an old house. You live in an old house with no heating or air conditioning. You live in an old house and you can’t actually afford heating or air-conditioning and now that winter is coming you’re finally starting to notice.

In summer you see you can kind of forget about it and lay on the tiles in a wet t-shirt but in winter there is actually nothing you can do… except for these top five unconventional ways to keep warm this winter.

1. Bring back the hot water bottle

Ok fine this might not seem that unconventional but I mentioned it to my friend the other day and she was like omg sorry what? But here’s a life hack for those in the know, because everyone knows that one kettle is only good for one hot water bottle. Boil the saucepan at the same time as the kettle and you’ll be right as rain.

2. 1980s work out videos

Seriously, nothing will get the blood pumping like those old school lycra clad moves. If you get a few household members to join in, it becomes a party. Seriously though, some of those vids are a) timeless and b) freaking awesome and they get the job done… ya know!

3. Go to your parents’ house

This is short and sweet. Parents can afford things like ducted aircon, and hot meals, and takeaway.

4. Whisky, Scotch, or Rum?

Because nothing says warmth like dark spirits amirite? Winter is the season for sipping on a little something something and why not buy some fancy glasses to celebrate? Or better yet why not mull some wine and get a little fancy. Ya dig?

5. Find a ‘special’ friend

C’mon, everyone knows the best way to get warm and keep warm is to find a ‘special’ friend. I’m not talking about a hot water bottle here either. Adult cuddles are of course the best remedy for getting rid of the winter blues and the winter chills. Trust me on this.