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Top five tips to tackle a book/record fair/hectic sale

For those in the know, you can understand that this heading is no joke. Whatever your interest/niche/hobby, these fairs are huge events and are usually marked in the calendar for months or even years (The Newcastle Record and CD fair is set for the April 28 FYI) and the prep, practice and time is the equivalent to training for an elite sporting event.

As someone who attends these types of fairs regularly (what can I say, I love a bargain) I am here to offer my top five red hot tips for those new to the game.

1. Make a list

This is the first, most important tip. You don’t want to walk in to one of these sales without any sort of goal or direction. That would be lunacy, friend. Lunacy. Ask yourself what are you hoping to find (hey, the power of positive manifestation is a thing) and what are the holes in your collection? All v important.

2. Have a budget

We would all like to live in a world where we have endless streams of money coming in, where we can treat ourselves all day every day but… obviously this isn’t the case. When you know your budget, you can actually rest a little easy. You won’t go overboard and you can just search for the titles you both want and can afford.

3. Shop in pairs

I know a lot of these hobbies usually cluster around the folks who tend to keep to themselves. Not in a crazy way or anything, but books and records for example, at the end of the day, are best enjoyed in a solitary manner.

But when trying to hunt down your next great find try to shop in pairs. You can cover a lot more ground (these events are usually held in warehouses or the like), and you can capitalise on a particular area.

4. Dig

Everyone knows that the best bargains are buried at the bottom of that box at the back of the hall. Everyone knows that… right? You need to earn those hidden gems you’re looking for. And sometimes with a little TLC those dusty titles will be your favourites in the collection.

5. Remember that this is meant to be fun

These kind of sales can be a little stressful. But try not to put too much pressure on yourself ya know. You got this kid. Just get out there, do your best, and complete that collection you’ve been working on since you were 12.