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Top five things you can do now winter is coming

It’s just around the corner, friends.

The time we’ve all been waiting for and it has nothing o do with games or thrones or anything in between. Winter is most definitely on its way and I for one could not be more excited!

Feeling a little down about winter? Well here are our top five reasons to get bloody excited.

1. Pull out the trackies

You know you’ve been hanging out for it right? The time where you can get all snuggly and comfy and basically dress like a slob. Going to the shops? Trackies. Sitting at home? Trackies? Doing anything where you feel like you have the right to dress as comfy as you’d like? Trackies.

2. Crack out the comfort food

Um did someone say comfort food? Yes, please! I’m talking soups, slow-cooked meals, lasagne, chilli, all the delicious things you can possibly think of! Also, these kinds of foods are so much easier to cook and eat in bulk (slow cooker anyone?). Get cracking and carb load like there’s no tomorrow.

3. Mull the wine

Obviously one of the greatest things about winter is the fact that you can drink more wine. Red wine was made for cosy nights in and if you want to get super adventurous why not mull your own wine? Or cider for that matter? The opportunities are endless!

4. Get a little comfy

And I’m not talking about clothing here. I’m talking about maybe not caring so much if you’re a little cuddly round the middle. It’s winter! Another perk. Although I will say, winter is perhaps the time where you need to make sure you’re the healthiest you can be. It is flu season after all so try not to get scurvy or anything.

5. Watch Netflix without guilt

Netflix was invented because someone was sick of having nothing to watch during the long winter months.

Obviously, Netflix originated in America where they have actual winters but… it can get at least a little chilly in Australia and I for one don’t need an actual excuse to binge on Netflix but winter seems to be a pretty good one if you’re looking for it!