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SEASONAL SPLENDOUR: Top five things us Novocastrians are hanging out for this autumn

Summer thankfully, and finally is coming to an end – sooner than we can really even think about at this point. Although it does feel like 2020 has been going for years and years.

Even though we love our beaches and we’ve got the whole summer vibes postcard thing going for us, is it just me or are we really hanging out for Autumn?

In that spirit here are my top five reasons why we just can’t wait for autumn to roll around.

Quieter beaches

Heck yeah, that’s what we’re here for!

The tourist crowds are gone, the ocean is still a delicious temp and now we can finally take a breath and take a dip without hordes of teenagers milling around in our midst.

Autumn is one of the best times of year to take a dip. Get keen friends. 

No humidity

Can I get an amen on that front?

I don’t know about you but I am sick to death of feeling like I’m walking around in muddy playdough on the reg. What is up with that 100%, y’all?

Surely with Autumn we can relax a little, and let the breeze blow. 

Being able to actually enjoy coffee culture

It’s what Newcastle is really known for after all, and who wants to enjoy a hot cuppa joe when it’s 55 degrees outside.

No one.

We want to sip our coffee when the breeze is blowing and the leaves are falling, right? Welcome back to your favourite cafe friends. 

Walking on the reg

Because no one really goes a strolling to get sweaty, seriously.

If we wake up early in the morning, we don’t want to reward ourselves with cardio. We want to reward ourselves with a nice meander along the water, coffee, and maybe an Acai Bowl



Because a) you’ve got money again after the hectic-ness of the festive season and b) it’s not 1000 degrees outside and you can actually wander around.


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