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Top Five Road/Day Trips to Take In November

Ok so I don’t really do anything by accident so I guess some could say that this particular article aligns with the Supercar weekend, but that’s you drawing your own conclusions and me avoiding stepping on anyones toes. Honestly, the Supercars in itself is going to be an incredibly action packed weekend including gigs cars, beer, sunshine, and East End residents being (rightfully) more grumpy than usual. If none of this is for you however, here are 5 road trips you could take to explore more of the country and take a big old racetrack free breath. Oh and these trips all include Thursday as well to get a jump start on the tourists arriving on traffic.

Newcastle To Byron Bay

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That’s right, you heard me, the big cliche kahuna. You’ve got four days, why not spend it finding yourself, chasing surf, sunshine and a touch of the old hippie cool you’ve heard so much about. Fill the gram with plenty of touristy photos from where all your hospo mates will say #whereyoudratherbe.  Whatever you do though, don’t do it in a Wicked Van.

Newcastle To The Hunter Valley

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Not keen in sitting cramped in a car for many an hour? Drive an old hatchback that probably won’t make it further than an hour or so away from home? Keen on wine tasting, good food, and amazing sunsets? Why not head to the valley for the weekend? Book a cottage and organise a guided tour, pretend you’re from some far away land when really, if you forgot the camera or your wallet, you could just duck home and grab it.

Newcastle To Araluen 

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Where is Araluen you say? Wait there’s no beach there you say again? Sometimes all you need is a bit of quiet time, some fresh country air, no reception and not another soul in the world to talk to or be bothered by. Araluen is a teeny, tiny town near Braidwood NSW. It’s also about an hour or so out of Goulburn for those not raised in the country. It’s a beautiful drive, especially if you take the back way round, and the best part it’s only 460 kms from home. There are a few delightful Airbnb properties (especially in Braidwood) up for grabs including a farmers shack on a two hectare property that I can say from experience is a wonderful place to sit and reflect and also pat a cow. The whole town is about one street long and is surrounded by the great dividing range. Picturesque and Supercar free.

Newcastle To Morpeth

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Every single time I go to Morpeth I always feel like I have slipped into another era. Like someone is about to knock on my door and ask me to give them a hand churning butter or borrow a cup of sugar and not in the way Outkast suggested. There’s great food, great sights, and you can live like a tourist without having to explain yourself. Because pretty much everyone is a tourist in Morpeth.

Newcastle To Newtown

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Wanna hop from one hipster haven to another but not sure where to go? Head to Newtown of course. It’s always been my favourite part of the big smoke and a cultural hub of activity. Also, lock out laws haven’t made their way to the fringes yet so you’re free to party safely and securely till dawn if it’s what your hear desires.  If you squint your eyes enough you’ll also feel like you’re in Melbourne, the place you couldn’t afford flights to in peak season.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.