Top 5 ways to insult a Novocastrian

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Novocastrians are a very (very) proud bunch. I’m not saying we’re easily insulted I’m just saying that we do have a few key sore points that tend to make us feel like we’re being kicked whilst we’re down. For those who want to avoid such insults, here are our top (bottom) 5.

97 and 01 were flukes and you know it

Don’t. Mention. The. Footy. Especially not in such a derogatory sense anyway. 97 and 01 were the glory days of the Newcastle Knights (although hey hi the boys are doing pretty darn well this season amirite?) and those Grand Final wins are what many folks still cling to after a few too many shandys at the pub. It’s probably not a good idea to say anything but “what a year, what a team” when mentioning the Knights. And yes, Joey did skate shirtless and shitfaced down King Street one year after they won but that’s beside the point. Let us have our victory ok?

Silverchair weren’t that great ya know

Same as the Knights as, to many, Silverchair are still the pride and joy of the music community in Newcastle, and as a Novocastrian I’ll say, rightfully so. This sly little comment usually comes from a tween born well after 95, who moved up from Sydney because his Dad got a new job and he’s all bitter that he has to move away from his Private all Boys prep school and be thrown into the deep end of Newcastle High. Go on mate, say it again I dare ya.

Isn’t Newcastle just the poor man’s Melbourne two hours north of Sydney?

No, we aren’t the poor man’s version of Melbourne, nor do we even really want to be compared to Melbourne in any way shape or form. The best thing about Newcastle is that we have our own identity and our own way of doing things. We have our own trends, and community collective likes and dislikes. As for (dirty rotten) Sydney, well, I don’t even want to go there.

When someone from out of town thinks it’s ok to join in on a conversation about ripping into Newcastle

No one, and I mean no one, can rip Newcastle a new one like a Novocastrian. There are times when we all hate the town. Or at least elements of the town. But don’t come round here coming round here as a tourist and start joining in on certain conversations revolving around the fact that there’s nothing to do and you keep running into the same people day after day. Nah uh. Not today Satan, not today.

Written by Newcastle Live

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  1. Try growing up there in the 70s, you don’t know how good you have it now compared to then.
    I’ve been gone 40 years but I can still bag it if I want because I earnt the right.
    Sadly nothing to bag about it, especially now.
    Like I said you don’t know how good you have it.

  2. I grew up here too…moving away when I was 19yrs old (25yrs) only showed me how special Newcastle is. I’ve been back since 2006.

    The lady’s evolving but we’ll be solving
    The problem of words used in hate
    Her musical passion and down to earth fashion
    will certainly win the debate!

    I HEART Newie

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