Top 5 ways to get Splendour Tickets

Oooohhh hot damn you can already feel the air thick with Splendour fever. The line up dropped just last week and my friends, as the kids say, it’s flipping lit. But…

How. Do.




There are never any guarantees with these type of things, tickets are gone in the blink of an eye, sometimes before you can even say ohmygawdithoughtyouweregettingthembro you are faced with a big fat S-O-L-D-O-U-T sign, and faced with another year of fomo fever. Here are our red hot tips to give you the best chance to snag your tickets this year.

Hot tip. Tickets go on sale 9am AEST on the 19th of April. But in between now and then…

Give in to the marketing hype and sign up for a visa account.

This is probably one of the best marketing campaigns I’ve ever, ever seen. Basically if you have a VISA card, you get first dibs on the hottest ticket in town. Go here to sign up. Sure, you might feel like you’re selling out to a capitalist society or whatever but hey hi hello have you seen that lineup? Oh also, hot tip, if you went to Splendour last year (lucky bastard) your pre-sale starts from Tuesday the 17th at 9am (until 5pm) or until the presale is exhausted. Check your inbox for this one kids.

Get a moshtix account.

And get one now. This is v important. You don’t want the 19th to roll around and then BAM realize you don’t have a mostix account and you’re drowning in the ridiculousness that comes with creating an internet password in 2018 and security questions. Tickets will sell out without you, if you leave this to the last minute.

Know your prices and the fine print.

A great strategy is having a squad of people logging on and biting the bullet and buying tickets for everyone. Tickets will set you back a tidy sum so maybe ask your parents nicely for that credit card they never use or whatever. Have all the info ready too, this means first and last names of everyone who is attending. This is actual names too not nicknames. The name that’s on your license or photo ID card is what’s up.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Have everything at the ready when it comes to D day. Have the moshtix website open for instance. Kick your room mate out who is playing World of Warcraft and sucking up the crappy NBN speed. Have some schnacks at the ready, maybe go to the bathroom, set an alarm, give yourself a stern talking to in the mirror. Whatever you need, you do you. Oh and why not try the old fashioned phone method, kids born after 1990 probably forget you can still buy stuff away from the land of the internet.

Stay cool, relax, you do you and hang in there baby

There’s still time to snag one of those posters to hang on your ceiling as you lay on your back tearing your hair out watching your space in the moshtix greenroom. Oh and whatever you do DON’T HIT THE REFRESH BUTTON. You and your sorry butt will get kicked to the back of the line. Reign in your millennial impatience for a teeny tiny moment will ya? And, with any luck, you may just snag yourself a ticket. Good luck, god speed, etc.        

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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