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Top 5 ways to cool down in Newcastle this summer

The temperatures are finally soaring to a respectable temperature and everyone is chomping at the bit to stay cool, comfortable and calm this festive season. Looking for ways to cool down? Here are our top 5 (slightly unconventional) ways to keep the celsius steady.

Jump in the Crown Plaza Hotel pool, go on I dare ya

Look we said it was unconventional and this one is a dare for the ages. Find yourself on Honeysuckle and the ice-cream just not cutting it? Why not jump in the pool? The one that people pay lots of money for the privilege to swim in. Go on, I double dawg dare ya.

Lambton Pool

Seriously though when was the last time you swam at Lambton Pool? The slide is still there and is still as terrifyingly (awesome) as ever. Why not pack up the kids, the fam anyone else you can find and jump on in. Why not get a pluto pup whilst you’re there?

The Harbour

Look this one is never really advisable but it makes for a great dare. If you’re irresponsible and have little to no regard for your personal safety, go on kid, just hop right in there. I’m completely unsure as to what you’ll find but you never know. Treasure, rubbish, the works.

The Lake

I’ve seen Jaws so many times so I don’t have to live that whole experience IRL. But maybe you haven’t. Maybe the lake is exactly where you want to spend your time and take a good old fashioned dip dip in with the bull-sharks. I don’t mean to scare anyone but remember that photo of the water skier on lake Macquarie? You know the one where he’s just popping out of the water and a shark is like yass kween delicious tasty treat flying seal. Some say it’s a hoax. Or is it? The truth is out there.

A tarp filled with lukewarm hose water

There are several ways to do this. If you’re in a share house you just do it in the kitchen and somehow manage to create a border sturdy enough to hold the tarp and the water. You can lay there for hours, and the fridge is right there too. #winning