Top 5 reasons you should see a film called Drama

Here are 5 reasons you should totally get your butt to see a film called Drama. 

1. Writer/Director/Actor/Producer/Amazing human Sophie Mathisen is a bonafide Newy Kid

Sophie grew up in Newcastle getting her start with the Tantrum Theatre and is still a regular at the Lass. So, like in 1997 and 2001 lets back an awesome Novocastrian who’s doing amazing things.

2. It’s called culture people

This is one of those exclusive screening moments and everyone wants to be that guy in the hipster age. You know those kind of conversations “yeah just a quiet weekend, you know, an exclusive screening of a really cool indie film… culture and stuff”.

3. Because you’re done with love as it stands

You’ve been staring at your phone for far too long because well… you finally did it, you ran out of matches. Instead of waiting for some other flake to appear in your location/age/standards that are lowering with every passing year criteria, buy tickets to this and appreciate a true plutonic connection. The one that’s there for us when we’ve had our heart broken… Again.

4. Because You are a wonderful person and like to support the arts

Our city is so ridiculously vibrant, there’s always something amazing happening every night of the week, that’s because of people like you! Who take a chance on local people doing great things. Without you, this screening won’t go ahead! Melbourne sold out it’s screening which we all know is just the poor mans Newcastle, let’s make sure there’s a screening in Sophie’s home town! You need to buy tickets BY 11:00am FRIDAY you can do this… here

5. Because you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and it’s just time you left the house

It’s all about experiencing things in real time nowadays. Drama really has it all and just oozes with this incredible charm and depth of wonder.

Find out more info about the film here:

Watch the trailer here

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Let’s make this a thing!!

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.