Top 5 places to watch the sunset around Newcastle

When was the last time you stopped, took a deep breath and watched the sunset? Sure, it’s a busy time of the day but we could probably all use a bit of natural beauty in our lives at the moment. And that deep breath.

Now that daylight savings is here the sun will be setting at around 5.45pm. So why not incorporate your daily ‘government sanctioned exercise’, commonly known as a walk, with a bit of big sky mindfulness.

Or, you could always escape the house for a self-isolation drive. Is that still allowed?

If so, here are some of our suggestions on where to see day turn to night.

The road over the bridge to Carrodise 

You know it, the bridge that connects the island of Carrington to the rest of the world! The one over the water that you’ve always thought about driving across? Do this, and soon. Better yet, walk over it, stop halfway and admire the sun setting over the water. Blissful.

Warners Bay

See, you can see the sun setting over the water on the east coast, it’s just a different body of water. And the light attaches differently to the Lake – which is glorious and clear at the moment.

Back of the Hill / Newcastle East

As you are probably finding, there are quiet pockets all over the City. This is great for social distancing and a sense of calm. Bonus points when you can see the sunset too. Why not walk up Church Street, or Brown Street, or for the very brave and active wear inclined, Wolfe Street and admire the back end of the city.

Maybe you’ll even make it all the way to The Obelisk?

Mount Sugarloaf

Yes, you will absolutely (100%) require your car for this one. You may have went when you were a kid so why not reflect on those days and drive (or walk…) up Mount Sugarloaf.

When was the last time you visited?

Out of the City

Fuel is cheap and the environment will forgive you, just this once. How about a little drive out of town? Find a place where you can see sparkling stars in the sky, out past Maitland and Morpeth, or through the vineyard regions of Pokolbin, Lovedale or Broke. Watch the sunset, and escape your “new” daily grind for a little while.