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Top 5 Places For Geeks In Newcastle

Personally, I don’t really like the word geek, it’s kind of a way to really pigeon hole people who have a really select and passionate approach to niche interests but hey, it’s the world we live in after all! Anyway, I also have a best friend who owns an entire wardrobe full off Hufflepuff attire so based on her recommendations, here are my top five places for Geeks (or super cool people) to hang out and do (super cool) things.

Heroes And More – Wallsend

Earlier in the year, the wonderful family who run Heroes And More decided to celebrate all things Harry Potter and hold the best darn theme day I’ve ever seen. I also walked in with my insides screaming at everyone who would listen “just shut up and take my money”. Heroes And More is wall to wall toys, nicknacks, memorabilia all related to the things you love the most. Whatever super hero/character/fandom you’re into they have it all, and it’s ok to pick sides apparently. Ps Batman forever.

Pizza N Pinball – Broadmeadow

Um hi, the name kind of says it all. The brothers who run this joint seem to have things down pat when it comes to entertaining the whole ‘geek’ demographic. For anyone in the know, pinball (at least the way I play) can be ridiculously strenuous, so obviously you need snacks and plenty of sustenance. Here you can roll in (get it), play pinball to your hearts content (or at least for as long as the loose change in your pocket will allow you to) and do something a little different with your evening off.


Commercial, yes. But I couldn’t care less. I’m a super competitive person and as much as you probably hate to admit it, you are too. It is ridiculously easy to lose many an hour hear surrounded by every game and entertainment device known to man. And who doesn’t want to be the guy to win all those ridiculous prizes right? Just to say you did. Timezone is all about having pure, unfiltered, fun, for the sake of having fun. It’s actually ok to be a little silly sometimes ya know!

Graphic Action Comics

Every time I’ve walked into this store, I have always (always) felt really welcome. But in a way that makes me feel as though I can just go about my business, browse for a while, and immerse myself in the culture of the graphic novel. I don’t like the stereotype of the comic book store (ie the Simpsons), because it’s actually a wonderful and really intricate art form. Talented people doing talented things. (P.s again, Batman forever).

Empire Coffee Co

In a galaxy far far away, they still need coffee. How do you think anyone ever put up with Jar Jar Binks? (Actually I have a huge soft spot of that guy don’t @ me). Anyway, this amazing coffee place is all about paying homage to everything Star Wars themed. There are always Storm Troopers stomping about the place so if you prefer your coffee with a side of lightsaber and saving the planet, head here.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.