Top 5 places to find solace in Newcastle

For a very private person, for some reason, I really enjoy writing and sharing bits and pieces of myself to the masses. In fact, I actually take a lot of comfort in doing so. Behold the introverted extrovert. I wrote a piece last week about finding solace in, what can sometimes be, an incredibly busy city. It’s not a definitive list, but a list none the less.

My Top 5 Places to Find Solace in Newcastle

1. Nobbys beach

There is a place just off the break wall that is quite possible my favourite in Newcastle. If you step onto the sand just at the beginning of the break wall and walk until it seems as though the sand is quite literally leading you out into the ocean. It’s sheltered enough to be quiet and you really do feel surrounded by the vastness of the ocean.

2. Carrington Mangrove Boardwalk

Say what you want about this quirky suburb (actually don’t because it’s still been my favourite place to live so far) it’s still a niche little pocket of our town that despite my forcible exit to the suburbs I still visit. At the end of the Carrington Mangrove Boardwalk is a little platform that overlooks Throsby Creek. Best time of day? Sunrise and sunset.

3. Cook Hill Books

I love coming here for two reasons. I am never bothered nor do I ever feel like a bother. These two things come close to being personal pet peeves for me. The staff are always friendly and there is always a spot on the verandah to just simply… be, and of course hang out with your latest vintage purchase.

Cooks Hill Books has been on Darby Street, Newcastle for 31 years this April. There's nowhere else we'd rather be. #DarbyStreet

Posted by Cooks Hill Books on Monday, 4 January 2016

4. Kind Edward Park

Yes you’re right. The main area of the park can be quite busy and parking can sometimes crush parts of your soul that you never knew existed but… if you head down past the flower garden, (which is exceptional this time of year), you’ll find a slightly hidden track that’s embroiled on the hillside. Find a patch of grass away from the masses and you’ve got yourself a little slice of solitude.

5. Throsby Creek Boardwalk

Another one of my favourite places to be is the little boardwalk that seems to link Carrington with Honeysuckle. It’s a place where you can really see that time does in fact pass. The boards are rickety and uneven and you can usually find the odd pelican or two. There is something so purely comforting in seeing your feet dangle above the water as you contemplate the state of your life mate.

So these are my “Top 5 Places to Find Solace in Newcastle”, but I am always looking for more. Where do you go to escape the ‘daily grind’ as they saying clutch at your sanity and regain the pieces lost throughout the day?


I’m Laura, and writing about our wonderful city is something I am oh so passionate about. You can find me tucked away in the corner of your local open mic night, taking in the sights with a local artist flowing through my headphones, or hanging out in the front row of your first gig where you’re debating whether the staff count as crowd members. Built on coffee, live music and punk nostalgia, I write about talented people doing talented things.

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Written by Laura Kebby

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