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Top 5 most romantic places in Newcastle

I don’t care what you say, autumn is the best time for love and romance. Summer is too hot, winter is too boring and I think all the rumours surrounding spring were made up by someone who doesn’t believe in hayfever. But where on earth do you venture out to spend all of these romantic moments with? (When you finally delete tinder and meet someone IRL). Well, here are our top 5 most romantic places in Newcastle.

1. The Drive In

It’s like the most old-school romantic thing you can do! It’s also a bit of a novelty so even if you aren’t sure about the whole date idea, at least you can say you went to the drive-in and had an ok time regardless. Why not pack a picnic, pack some schnacks, some activities, whatever. It’s just that little bit classier than the whole Netflix and chill phenomena.

2. Strzelecki Lookout

This one is tried and tested by many. Actually, any high point in Newcastle is always pretty high on my list when thinking about the most romantic places in Newcastle. Park, makeout, gaze at the stars. You do you. (Oh and use protection kids)

3. Anywhere by the water

The best thing about Newcastle always has, and always will be, our wonderful beaches. There’s just something so blissful and wonderful about watching the sun rise over the water whilst hand in hand with the person you love. Even if it is at 6am after a hectic night out with someone you’ve only just met. It’s still romantic.

4. The Back Streets of Newcastle East

Ok, wait, hear me out a little. I know it sounds weird and maybe a little off centre, but picture this. You’ve just had an awesome date night dinner at Scotties, maybe you’re about to head over to Kiwi Waffle to grab some sort of dairy delight, the sun is hitting the city just right and you just want to hold hands and skip. Next time take a wander through the back streets of Newcastle East. You know the ones that always make you feel like you live in a different town, or country even for that matter. Things just seem different here. Take a stroll next time, and after a few glasses of wine maybe you might believe me too.

5. The Wharf at Warners Bay

Yes, Newcastle Live does actually cater for those who live outside the city centre. Anyway, the way the city is now, maybe you want to spend some time away from town. The best and worst thing about Newcastle is that you can never (ever) leave the house without running into someone you know. Maybe if you head outside of the CBD, you just might get some reprieve. Why not pack a picnic, or better yet, let someone else pack it and make it for you and have a picnic dinner on the edge of the wharf at sunset. Bliss babes Bliss.

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  1. I’m a very proud novocastrian too..married a cronulla boy 38 years ago but still very much enjoy going home and also the trip to the Bay…port stephens.the wineries.the beaches.the restaurants.the people…and the city..a great town..they are very loyal and hardworking it!!!! Xx

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