Jumaadi, 2020. Photo: Tim Connolly.

YOUNG ARTISTS UNITE: Dr Norman Swan’s shared creative endeavour

The Together In Art Kids project aims to support budding young artists by offering them the chance to participate in a shared creative endeavour. Launched last month, the Together In Art Kids project is the brainchild of ABC health expert and Coronacast podcast host Dr Norman Swan.

“This started as an idea prompted by kids’ questions on Coronacast,” said Dr Swan.

“It’s fantastic to see such an amazing and ongoing response.”

Led by The Art Gallery of New South Wales, the project is now calling for entries from children aged 5 to 12 years old. The first instalment of the project was inspired by the theme ‘Inner Worlds’, chosen by first participating artist Del Kathryn Barton.

The next round, now open to entries, features Indonesian-Australian artist Jumaadi, who has chosen the theme ‘Special to Me’.

“As children here in Australia begin to return to school, many more children around the world remain isolated from their friends and community and we are all experiencing a mix of emotions,” Jumaadi said.

“In times like these, I like to create pictures of my friends, loved ones, family – those near and far – and I like to draw from my fond memories of special places in my mind. Those things excite me to make more pictures. But more than that, they give me a kind of comfort,” he added.


Children, aged 5 to 12 years old, are invited to create an artwork of someone, something or somewhere special to them.

Entries for the ‘Special to Me’ theme are open until 5pm on Sunday 12 July and the online exhibition will launch on Monday 27 July.

You can submit your entries and find out more about the project by clicking here.