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CHEESE PULL: Your ultimate toastie suggestions and recipes

Last weekend we asked you what you thought the ultimate toastie filling was. And boy did you lot have some wild suggestions.

From pineapple and peach to chips and gravy, we’ll be busy this weekend trying all the flavour combinations out. And you had plenty to say on which device produces the best toastie too.

Many suggested the Breville toastie maker was the ultimate vessel for cooking the ultimate toastie. The humble device has been responsible for mouth burning goodness for almost 50 years now, so it’s a pretty good contender. Its design allows you to seal your toasted sandwich ingredients into two triangular sections which certainly makes it easy to cut in half.

Same goes for the jaffle iron. Invented in Australia and released in 1949, the Jaffle branded toasted sandwich iron quickly becomes a coveted household item in Australia during the 1950s. Many of you have fond memories of this device too. The thing about the Breville and Jaffle devices is you don’t get that Instagramable “cheese pull” when you cut a toastie that’s been pressed or cooked in a skillet. And in 2020 it’s all about the Instagram shot, right?

But however you cook your toastie, there’s one thing for sure, it has been and remains a favourite snack or easy meal for many Novocastrians.


Below you’ll find just a few of the suggestions we got on our Facebook post. You can see what everyone had to say by clicking here.

KOMITI LEVAI: Tomato, peanut butter and cheese.

ASH DALEY: Triple smoked shaved ham, tomato (salt and pepper on the tomato, raw brown onion, aged cheddar and old English mustard. And it has to be made on Helga’s pumpkin seed bread.

LINDA WHITEHEAD: Chicken, cheese, mayo and ham, cheese & pineapple.

MATTHEW CUTLER: Peach and brie with capers.

CHRISSY KELSON: Vegemite, cheese and avocado.

JAKE NORTHEY: Chicken breast, bacon, mayonnaise + sweet chilli sauce, melted cheese.

STEVE COOPER: Chips & Gravy.

BILL AZZOPARDI: Scramble egg in a cup pour on bread add ham, cheese, tomato, salt and pepper.

KERRIE DAWSON: Banana, peanut butter, honey – had the best ones in Bali in the 80s & 90s & the honey was like toffee!

BELLA LIZZIE: Sundried tomato pesto, spinach, cheese, mushrooms, tomato & Cheese and artichoke.

ALYCE VAN DER VELDE: Banana and peanut butter.

ANNETTE NORTHEY: Creamed corn, onion, crabmeat, Colby cheese, salt and ground black pepper.

PUB GRUB HUB: This morning was streaky bacon, Deb potato, tasty cheese, and Marsala mushroom sauce leftover from last night.

KERRI BURWELL: Bacon, sweet corn and cheese or banana, bacon and sweet corn.

Written by Newcastle Live

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