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IN BED WITH TIMBERLINA: All your sex and relationship questions answered

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We’re back with our favourite advice columnist for your monthly In Bed with Timberlina session.

Timberlina is once again here to respond to some of your deepest darkest thoughts, questions and overall queries related to fantasies, love interests, sex and umm anything and everything in between.

Over to youTimberlina…

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VOLUPTUOUS IN VALENTINE: My partner wants me to play dress ups. I’m really into it, but none of the costumes I can find online will fit me. HELP!

I would recommend doing some searching on the web or hit the team up at Flirt as they will be able to source the perfect fit for you!


GAME IN GATESHEAD: I like being spanked, but my partner is worried they’re going to hurt me. How can I encourage them to really go for it?

Communication is always key in a relationship, let them know you will use a safe word if they are getting out of control!

It will be best and they will know when to slow down.

CURIOUS IN CARRINGTON: I don’t need any advice, but I am curious to know if you could have sex with a celebrity, who would it be…

This is a hard one!

Chris Hemsworth! Imagine him throwing you across the room!

ADVENTUROUS IS ADAMSTOWN: Sex outdoors… We want to try it, but I don’t want to get caught. Any suggestions of some local places around town?

Glenrock? There is soooo much bushland up there! I would go deep and have a look around.

That’s all I have for this question, but if you find a spot let me know!!

HOPEFUL IN HILLSBOROUGH: I’ve met this person who I love hanging out with and we talk all the time on the phone but I’m not physically attracted to them. I’m worried that means I won’t enjoy having sex – And sex is really important to me. Should I just go for it or am I just setting myself up for disappointment?

You won’t know if you don’t try! Give it a go, be open and honest with them if you don’t enjoy it!

BUT if you enjoy it! GET IT!!!!

I swear the questions get juicier every month! I am loving these questions, I hope my advice has helped many out there.

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Glittery Love,