Josh Pyke talks about The White Album Concert.

Chris Cheney (The Living End), Phil Jamieson (Grinspoon), Tim Rogers (You Am I), and ARIA Award-winning solo artist Josh Pyke are reuniting for a 2018 tour in a nod to the 50th anniversary of The White Album. The show hits Newcastle on Tuesday 17 July.

We chatted to Josh ahead of the show’s arrival in town.

1 – Tell us about the first time you listened to The White Album

I would have been about seven I think. I used to trawl through my parents vinyl and explore whatever looked interesting, but because the cover was just plain white, I overlooked it for a while, going for more vibrant artwork like sergeant peppers. But when I did get around to it, I loved it.

2 – Why do you think the songs on the album keep finding an audience generation after generation

I think it’s just the Beatles themselves. They had such an extraordinary catalogue in such a short space of time, and very diverse so there’s still so much to discover. Plus of course, the songs are kept alive by shows like this!

3 – What’s your favourite track to play during the show and why?

Long Long Long is great. It’s quite psychedelic which makes it a real joy to play with the rock orchestra.

4 – Tell us about working with musical director Rex Goh. Why is he the right man for the job?

Rex is great! He’s just got such a wealth of knowledge and experience and he lets everyone shine in their roles. He’s very easy going but completely in control too.

5 – Who’s this show for? And what would a “Beatles Noob” get from attending?

It’s for fans of the Beatles, fans of the venues and fans of the 4 of us singers I guess. Plus it’s just for fans of live music. The Beatles never performed these songs live so that makes it quite special from the get go.

6 – What sort of guitar set up are you using for this show?

I just keep it simple with my trusty Maton acoustic and leave the guitar heroics to Chris!

7 – The show is “performed in track order”. Does that mean you’re playing Revolution 9?

We sure do. Tim in particular really pushed to have it included in a live context. It’s become a bit of a highlight.

8- What’s it like to perform alongside a 17-piece rock orchestra? What are the challenges and the freedoms it brings?

It’s all good. No downsides! They’re so good and tight it just makes our job easier, and allows us to fully focus on the songs.

9- PHIL JAMIESON / CHRIS CHENEY / TIM ROGERS – Who’s got the worst personal hygiene, who’s the last man standing at the bar and who’s up in the morning for a jog?

Surprisingly they’re all extremely well-groomed men. Phil can overuse the Old Spice in the mornings though. Chris is often the last at the bar, drinking Virgin Mary’s and watching infomercials on the pub Tele. Tim gets up every morning and does a cheeky 4 kms before he checks his stocks and shares over a fruit frappe.

10 – After this tour, what next on your calendar?

I was meant to be having a couple of years off before this tour came up, so after this I’ll be back to doing nothing for a while!

Written by Newcastle Live

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