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The success of Newcastle’s economy starts with us

Let’s start with some great walks around Newcastle!

Tourism is one of the backbones of the Newcastle Economy, however, the Visitor Economy starts with each and every one of us. Whether it is travelling a short distance for breakfast, or taking a visiting friend and relative out for lunch we all help to keep the hospitality industry ticking over.

In coming months we’ll explore some easy ways to do that through some new and old ideas, and we’re going to start with some great walks around Newy – that, of course, have to include coffee, good food and the option of a beverage!

Our beaches and the Anzac Walk are most Novocastrians first choice for their own leisurely walks or introducing our beautiful city to visiting friends and relatives. However, they are not the only waterside offerings which Newcastle can serve up that are interesting, have great views and of course have plenty to do along the way.

So lace up those walking shoes, get some air in those bike tyres, or if you need it all to be a little easier – hop on a motorised Bykko that you’ll find around town and we’ll get moving!

Let’s start at Nobbys, the beach where local surf and lifesaving legend Warren Smith patrolled the beach for an amazing 40 years.

For a warm up, wander to the end of the iconic Nobby’s Headland. Keep your eyes peeled for the local seal who suns himself regularly on the rocks, surfers catching the break off the headland rocks, or one of the massive ships that ply the worlds busiest coal port.

Maybe follow one of those ships along the harbours entrance, with their slow progress guided by powerful tugs on your right, while your mind conjures thoughts of thundering Supercars weaving in and out of pit lane on your left.

Queens Wharf is a good first stop, maybe for breakfast, and muse at the now empty spot where ‘that’ tower stood until recently.

A gelato or freshly caught fish with chips is another option at Scratchleys take away.

The newly grassed and furnished Market Street Lawns are a great spot to picnic, and patiently wait for that first light rail car to roll in.

Moving again and on to Honeysuckle boasting its many cafes and restaurants; perhaps some Japanese at Nagisa, a light meal and music at the Honeysuckle Hotel, or a cocktail at the Landing.

Newcastle Museum now calls Honeysuckle home. It is a wonderful walk back in time tracing Newcastle’s coal, steel and rich maritime history.

Scoot the next section that sees a lot of building and construction that will herald yet another era in the development of Newcastle’s extended Honeysuckle precinct, until – yes, that unmistakeable scent of the Newcastle Fish markets wafts in upon you.

Fish whole or filleted, prawns, oysters, scallops or lobster for that special occasion – the fish markets is the place to shop for seafood. While youre there, make sure that you place that festive season order!

Newcastle is home to some wonderfully opulent pleasure craft, as well as small sailing boats and ‘tinnies’ many of which call the Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club home, all part of this scenic waterway route along Newcastle’s working, and visitor friendly harbour.

If youre around late afternoon on the weekend the NCYC has some great live music to listen to perhaps with a cooling beverage.

Walking or biking further along the harbour, you will be faced with the decision to go right over the bridge to Carrington or left into the Maryville and Wickham area…

You need to do both, but lets talk about those great spots another time.

Enjoy our great City of Newcastle and make sure that you take your visiting friends and relatives with you!

Written by Gus Maher