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THE RIGHT PAGE: How to smash out your reading goals in 2020

Everyone knows that the ‘real’ resolutions don’t start until February, right.

Because by now the real test of your resolutions resolve really comes to the fore – after the gloss of a new year begins to wane and the fact that by now you’ve got no money and the buzz of motivation is all but dead and gone.

If your goal this year was to read more delicious pages then here are some top tips to help you smash your reading goals in 2020 

1. Read a book you know you already love 

It’s the best way to kick things off, right? If you’re a Harry Potter fan, crack out the Philosophers Stone like it ain’t no thing.

Or maybe you’ve found a childhood classic that you loved once upon a time and you’re ready to visit the faraway tree once again. This is your time friend! 

2. Sign up for Goodreads

This seems like an obscure one and maybe something that is keeping you on the screen as opposed to in the pages but… Goodreads will kind of keep you on track.

You can set a number of books that you’re hoping to read this year and keep all of the stats and numbers at your fingertips. It will also link with wonderful things like your kindle and give you recommendations on the fly. 

3. Join a book club

Whether this is virtual (hey I hear Newcastle ABC has a great one) or face-to-face with friends (and lots of wine) although reading is a solitary activity, it’s best done with folks around you to share the ride and the experience. 

4. Go to a heck tonne of bookstores 

Smell them, turn their pages, listen to what they have to say. You should also read the first few pages of Italo Calvino and learn the ways of a bookstore. Also, booksellers are always there to help you and give you their favourite recommendations!

5. Choose your format

Physical books are the only way to read friends… Kindle, Audible, weird short story podcasts, bootleg PDFs whatever you want gurl you do you and read all the things.

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