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The Newcastle that we’ve dreamed of is coming

Picture: Ellen Starrett

Ok, hear me out here. I can already feel the collective groan of the community but I just think it’s about time we change that.

Yes, I know that Newcastle has been a bit of a whirlwind over the last 6-12 months or so, but perhaps isn’t it about time that we considered just how pretty darn close we’re getting?

What each and every Novocastrian has in common, is our love for this town. We want the best for it, actually not just the best the greatest for it, which is why we’ve been up in arms for months on end while the city changes rapidly around us.

But… now (as the rubble starts to clear) aren’t we getting exactly what we’ve hoped for? Transformations that really will help the city to reach its full 2019 potential?

I will be the first to admit that I was perhaps the most outspoken human when it came to all the changes happening around town.

I will also take a moment to recognise that all of the changes have indeed come at a very large cost to some local businesses and I will always stand by my decision that more support needed to be shown to local businesses doing it tough while the light rail was being built. But I just have a feeling that the Newcastle we have always wanted, really is coming.

All you need to do is take a quick drive down Hunter Street.

With the installation of the new Uni campus, and that side of town is actually buzzing, and busy, and seems to be a place to be if you get what I’m saying.

The light rail is up and running, the station is being revitalised, we’re holding large scale events to bring tourists to this amazing corner of the country so is it time to realise that the Newcastle we’ve always wanted is finally here?

I just think it’s time we take a teeny tiny step back, look around, and be prepared to move with the times.

We also need to admit that we can’t halt progress. And the more we get involved, the more we can make sure that the heart of this great city is retained.

Just because I’m excited about the progress doesn’t mean that I want Newcastle to turn into some sort of gentrified glass city. I love the grit and the grime, but maybe it will be easier to navigate the gritty, and the quirky, and the wonderful, as our city grows, shapes, and changes.

The city we want is coming. I can feel it.