THE GENERATION GAME: Things that (some) Baby Boomers love to say to Millennials

Because let’s face it. This is really the goldmine of the internet.

When it comes to fodder for memes, and the content of comments, it seems the ones that really ‘sing’ are those that reinforce this seemingly endless battle between generations.

So, without drawing the ire of too many people (hopefully) here are the top five things that some (not all, some) Baby Boomers love to say to Millennials.

1. ‘You have to stop looking for casual work, it’s about company loyalty, that’s what really matters’

Oh yes, because the immense casualisation of the workforce is entirely our fault. We really enjoy working three jobs at a time, hoping to one day be ‘worthy’ of full- time employment. We love the flippancy of the day-to-day, the ever-changing roster, the lack of sick or holiday pay.


2. I bought a house when I was 19, with a 50% deposit that I saved for all by myself

Yes. When your house was 20 grand, interest rates were incredibly low and you had financial security and a full-time job and nothing else to worry about. Now that you’ve paid off your mortgage why not negatively gear that property and/or hike up the rental price of your investment property. Just for kicks.

3. Yeah, but is your room clean?  – To every climate change protester ever

Because that’s the real message here. It’s not that we are letting the young bear the brunt of your mistakes, it’s whether or not their room is clean and whether they would protest if the protest were to be held on a weekend day.

It’s nothing to do with carbon emissions and whatnot.

4. I bet 9/10 millennials can’t read this – *writes in cursive*

Because millennials are completely uneducated and cannot read words when they run into one another. Can millennials even hold a pen? Probably not. That’s the rumour anyway. *shakes fist*

5. This generation is so soft they can’t tolerate anything, what about thick skin, hey?

Says the generation who refused to share water fountains with those of a race different to theirs. *mic drop*

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.