The Changing Face of Wharf Road

The tower may be leaving, but the future is arriving!

Gus Maher is the Chairman of the Hunter Culinary Association, and he’ll provide a regular take on the diversity of Newcastle’s great food scene.

In the coming months, he will explore Newcastle’s great eateries. From Harrys Café de Wheels to the elegance of Restaurant Mason; where does Newcastle’s best coffee get made, and pastries and muffins

(We love a good muffin!)

Yes, the phallic tower is coming down and soon the light rail will thunder – or quietly roll – into our harbourside precinct.

However some things never change, and let’s be thankful for that.

Harrys Café de Wheels. Let’s hope that this Newcastle ‘dining’ institution doesn’t get moved on, as it is part of our landscape, as well as being part of a late night routine for so many after a night at a bar or local gig.

Pies and Peas may not be fine dining, but it sure is a fine feed when you’re hungry late at night.

If you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated without being stuffy, then a short pies throw away is Scratchleys on the Wharf

Long before Restaurant Mason hit the Newcastle food scene, and when Subo was only a twinkle in someone’s eye, Scratchleys had already forged itself as the bastion of waterside seafood dining.

Scratchleys on the Wharf as we know it now was built in 1999, meaning a twenty-year anniversary bash will be coming up next year!

It remains the ‘go to’ place if you want to impress someone special or to show off our wonderful working harbour to visiting friends and relatives.

Lunch will usually have sun streaming in through the full-length windows, and dinner with harbour lights reflecting off the ever busy waterway, both ensure a memorable experience.

Hard to go past the Seafood Platter which is so large and impressive it is pretty much all you need – apart from a nice glass of Hunter Semillon to accompany!

Battlesticks Bar which adjoins Scratchleys is also a great place for a pre-dinner drink or you can make a night of it there with some tempting bar snacks. You’ll regularly find live music here with owners Neil and Donna being great supporters of the music scene.

The new light rail stop adjacent to Wharf street will also see the resurrection of the innocuous looking but nonetheless iconic Signal Box dating from 1936.

It is destined to become a restaurant and bar with a classy glass and steel framed annex, and something of a feature on the Market Street Lawn.

If it’s a quick snack and a good coffee you’re looking for in this area, then Lynch’s Hub is housed in the little gazebo on the boardwalk.

Always good coffee, and always a good selection of cakes and slices, while you sit nearby and gaze at the harbour and its many forms of marine traffic.

A short walk and you’re in the middle of Honeysuckle ‘Eats Street’, but let’s save that for another culinary conversation!

Put it in your diary: Friday, October 26th will see the official re-opening of the Market Street Lawn. Apart from all of the great eating options above, there will be food trucks, live music, kids entertainment – and a light rail carriage on display in all of its resplendent glory.

Yes, Newcastle Live readers – the tower may be leaving, but the future is arriving!

Eat well and eat out regularly!

Written by Gus Maher