The Cessnock STOMP Festival moves to 2025 date

The Cessnock STOMP Festival Committee has decided to reschedule their 2024 event to April 2025.

The decision to postpone the beloved event stems from a strategic initiative to prevent overlapping with another major happening on the Cessnock calendar.

President of the Cessnock Business Chamber, Sarah Pascoe, expressed understanding of any potential disappointment among festival enthusiasts, emphasizing the long-term benefits for the community.

“While we acknowledge this may come as a disappointment to some, we firmly believe this rescheduling will ultimately serve the best interests of our town,” Sarah said.

The rescheduling cements the committee’s commitment to ensuring the prosperity of both the Postie Bike GP and the Cessnock STOMP Festival.

The Cessnock STOMP Festival is set to happen on Sunday, April 6, 2025 visit