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THE BIRD IS THE WORD: Broaster Chicken opens doors in Hamilton

There’s no denying that, while our palates are becoming increasingly more refined and more au fait with the latest food trends, us Novocastrians love our fast food.

Well, now you have another eatery to add to the list with fried chook purveyor Broaster Chicken recently opening its doors.

Located in Hamilton’s Beaumont Street, Broaster Chicken boasts that their birds are “chicken perfected,” and after a visit this week we would have to say they aren’t pretty far off the mark.

You’re not going to find any bells and whistles at Broaster – just good old fashioned fried chicken done right. Snack packs, nuggets, popcorn chicken, wraps – it’s all here.

For our weeknight dinner visit, we grabbed a five-piece box ($11) and each morsel was cooked to perfection. While obviously not an everyday food, the fried chicken served up in this spot is devoid of that dreaded greasy feel on the back palate – something that can’t be said for other purveyors of the pollo.

Broaster Chicken

Crispy skin and tender, juicy chicken is the order of the day here and, on our visit, at least, the service was super speedy to boot!

We also decided to grab one of their Cordon Bleu burger which was also worth going back for.

The big surprise here was that this writer was expecting a burger stacked with chicken, cheese and ham (what you would expect from a cordon bleu).

While what we received ticked off the first two boxes (honestly this was possibly the cheesiest burg this writer has eaten in recent memory), Broaster eschewed the ham for this concoction for a slice of turkey.

Unusual? Yes. Delicious? You bet!

So, f you’re looking for a new spot to satiate your cravings for super tasty sometimes food, then Broaster Chicken could very well be that place.

Broaster Chicken is located at 97 Beaumont Street, Hamilton.

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