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THAT’S EPICO! Susuru joins forces with Antojitos for Mexican-themed ramen collab!

While the seemingly disparate food cultures of Japan and Mexico may seem poles apart, that’s all set to change thanks to a quirky collaboration between two Newcastle eateries.

Yep, that’s right. There has been a meeting of the culinary minds of popular East End ramen joint Susuru and, Steel Street Mexican eatery Antojitos and the result is set to have Newy foodies salivating in anticipation.

The two restaurants have combined to create the Epico Tortilla Ramen and it’s only available at Susuru for a limited time so you’ll want to get in quick.

This culture-bending concoction is built on a base of Antojitos’ signature chicken and tortilla soup and combined with Susuru’s house-made miso tare and chili oil.

Add to that charred Mexican street corn salad, Yucatan pickled onion slaw, shredded chashu pork, grilled lime, and fresh coriander and you’ve got yourself a ramen dish to write home about!

The whole shebang is topped off with Antojitos’s crispy fried corn tortillas giving this mouth-watering combination a cheeky crunch.

This is not the first time Susuru has gone down the collab route with its dishes, working with Darby Street carnivores MEET, back in September to create the SUPER delicious Smoky Red MEET Ramen.

If that last collab is anything to go by, this one promises to be off the hook!

The Epico Tortilla Ramen is available NOW at Susuru (online and in-store) but remember to get in quick!

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