TEAM LIVE: What we’ve been doing during lockdown

Since lockdown 2.0 began, we’ve asked you lots of questions about what you’ve been doing with all the extra time at home.

Like you, the team behind Newcastle Live spend a lot of their leisure time at local events, checking out great places to eat and, of course, hitting local venues to see live music.

But now that’s all off the cards.

So this weekend, we thought we’d turn the tables and ask the people behind the curtain what they’ve been doing. Check out the answers we got below.

ANNE RZECHOWICZ: Co-host of Spooky Sundays

Aztec Death Whistle


I’ve been a pro-course-tinator for years. I’ve signed up for probably 20-plus online courses. I’m using my incarceration – I mean ‘lockdown’ – to catch up on some of these courses.

I finished off my Diploma in Scrying the other day, and it’s onto a Diploma of Hoodoo now!

I tell ya, this rabbit hole is DEEP!

Apart from that, I use the excuse that “I’m helping Australian businesses” to get food and all sort of treasures delivered to my door.

Who knew I needed an Aztec Death Whistle in my life!

BONNIE ANNE: Head of Newcastle Live Radio production


I have been using this time to get back into Duolingo! Practising up on my Française so that I’m ready as soon as these damn borders open, and I have enough cash.

I’m also a major sudoku addict- I can’t go a day without it, it’s so therapeutic. But recently, I have added solitaire to my daily practise (I’m a 21-year-old geezer).

Much to the disappointment of my partner, my average daily phone screen time has gone up by at least another hour as I have been indulging in the depths of TikTok to keep me distracted.

I was supposed to get married on August 28, so we have been working pretty consistently to reorganise around the current restrictions, but are keeping positive knowing that the anticipation will only add to our day when it finally comes.

My current motto is that surely a bubble tea and some ramen delivered from ChaTime and Susuru will keep the ‘Rona blues away.

LOUISE WILKINSON: Host of Lipstick Lunch

Mask up with Louise Wilkinson


I’m really trying to keep up some routine in lockdown, so I’m starting the day with some yoga in the backyard to keep moving and catch some rays!

I’ve been on a bit of an organising binge with the luxury of time as well, but before you write me off as being too boring, the afternoons are all about a cheeky shiraz, chocolate and trashy TV.

It’s all about balance right?!

BRAD BURGOYNE: Partnerships & Sales Manager



I am a gamer at heart so, as soon as the lockdown was announced, I knew I would be playing A LOT of the free to play battle royale hit, Fortnite. In the first week of lockdown, I hit level 100 and I am slowly working my way through to 150.

I play with my cousins, so it is a great way to socialise and keep up with the family at the same time!

I also picked up a couple of games from The Game Shop at Charlestown (shop local!) So my wife and I are planning a stay-at-home escape room (ironic much?) this weekend while we support a couple of local businesses with a cocktail and meal delivery

LISA RICHMOND: Marketing,Scheduling and Client Services Coordinator



Lockdown for me has been a busy time trying to keep my two-year-old son occupied while working from home.

We’ve been doing lots of driveway chalk drawing, waving at dogs during walks around the neighbourhood, plenty of Cocomelon (if you know you know), and even a spot of backyard camping (well, my husband and son partook in this activity, I enjoyed a quiet night inside with the bed to myself!).

I’ve also been loving watching local musos’ Livestream performances online, a great way to feel connected to the community while showing support to our artists.

STEPHEN BISSET: Website Editor

Keith Moon


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to learn the drums – largely so I could emulate iconic kit madman Keith Moon (pictured above) – a personal hero, on and off the stage.

However, my parents always resisted, instead gifting me my first guitar. So I had to settle for emulating the windmilling antics of Moon’s bandmate Pete Townshend.

Perusing Facebook Marketplace during Lockdown 1.0 in 2020, I stumbled across a second-hand kit that the drummer in my band said was a “steal” so I thought: “why not?” Queue deep dives into online lessons on rudiments, rolls and everything in between. Honestly, at this point, I’m like the Jacques Cousteau of YouTube drumming tutorials!

While I’m definitely not on Keith Moon’s level (on or off the stage!) I’m having heaps of fun behind the kit.

My neighbours? Not so much. Sorry, Nick!

STEVEN PICKETT: Publisher and host of Classic Rock Drive

Mare of Easttown


Dring this unusual time, I have been working even more hours than normal but, in my downtime, I have consumed art rapaciously – music, books, movies and documentaries.

I have been reading Peter Frampton’s autobiography (disappointing), watched the doco Once Were Brothers about The Band (good) and, for something different, enjoyed the series Mare of Easttown. Plus a whole lot more.

I also spent a lot of time expanding my musical knowledge and, thanks to the brains’ trust from Classic Rock Drive, Trevor Leedon, I got to hear so much great stuff that I hadn’t been exposed to – and the journey continues. Every day!

I have also somehow created a new tradition for myself and our dog Audrey who, when I get home from work each day, now eagerly greets me as a precursor to imbibing in some Pringles together – probably not the healthiest choice but the moment of sharing is lovely.

DEAN ‘SMITA’ SMITH: Host of Knight Time

Knight Time Recording


I’ve been working still and working on future projects for Knight Time. It’s a bit hard during lockdown not being able to use the studio but it’s has given me time to do some housework, watch the footy, and movies with the family.

A lot of people struggling with mental health during lockdown so reach out if you’re struggling.

DAN BEAZLEY: Managing Editor and host of AusMusic Afternoons



Once the weekend hits, it’s all about doing the housework I’ve neglected over the week. After that’s all done, I’ll watch a bunch of audio production tutorials on YouTube (shout out to Huw Jones) and test out the new techniques I’ve learnt in Ableton.

I purchased Ableton a few years ago after playing around with it for a few hours at a music conference.

And it’s unlike any other digital audio workstation I’ve ever used. To me, it’s like this massive audible Lego set that’s only limited by imagination.

It’s become my favourite toy. And because I’ll never release any of the music or sounds I create with it, I don’t get bogged down in worrying whether it sounds good. I’m simply enjoying making endless loops and trying new combinations of software instruments and effects.