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TASTE TEST: Komiti & Kylie Try 5 Sawyers’ New Cocktail Menu

When a bar calls to ask if you’d like to come in and taste test their new cocktail menu there’s only one thing to do… Grab some mates and find a designated driver!

The philosophy at 5 Sawyers is simple, create a great atmosphere with food and beverage to match.

That’s what we found during our afternoon at the small bar in Darby Street trying out their new range of cocktails with with our mates Komiti Levai and Kylie Jane.

The Cocktails

5 Sawyers makes their our own signature Sugar Syrups in house and use fresh and local ingredients in all their cocktails. Here are the 4 flavour sensations we tried…

Lemon Mojito

The 5 Sawyers Lemon Mojito is made with Kraken Dark Spiced Rum that’s muddled with fresh mint, sugar & lemon and topped with soda. It’s described by their barmen as a delicious twist on a classic!

Princess Pama

There’s something special about Tanqueray Gin & Pama Pomegranate Liqueur mixed together. This cocktail is shaken with fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup and egg whites.

The Delish

This one’s part of 5 Sawyers “Pick Me Ups” cocktail range. It’s a mix of Vanilla Vodka, White Creme De Cacao and Kahlua.

Whinger’s Sour

Like Bourbon? Well this one’s for you. The Whinger’s Sour is made from Maker’s Mark Bourbon & Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur with fresh apple & lemon juice. It’s shaken with egg whites & garnished with a twist of orange.

5 Sawyers

ADDRESS: 115 Darby Street, Newcastle
PHONE: 02 4927 0070