Indigenous Aboriginal Australian Artist Painting Indigenous Artwork In Studio

TAFE NSW launches Indigenous cultural arts course at Hunter St campus

A new course, focussed on developing cultural art skills for a career in the growing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts sector will launch at TAFE NSW’s Hunter Street campus next month.

The Certificate II in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Arts aims to equip students with hands-on practical skills that they need to preserve and make meaning of their history through drawings, prints, paintings and sculptures.

“Aboriginal art is booming, and there is a high level of interest both nationally and internationally for commissioned works and exhibition pieces in galleries,” TAFE NSW Creative Design and Ideation Head Teacher, David Trout said.

“Students may also find that the hands-on practical skills and knowledge they learn through the course could lead to work in community arts, cultural development and jobs as cultural tour guides.

“Aboriginal people have the opportunity to tell their story through art, and this is exactly what the course aims to achieve, preserving history and helping Aboriginal people regain their sense of belonging.”

TAFE NSW Cultural Arts student and Kamilaroi woman, Rebecca Slater, who had studied the course, said she enjoyed learning how to share her personal journey through art.

“Art is important to our culture, and we communicate through art; we learnt about how to tell our unique stories through different images, styles, and colour,” she said.

“Some of our mob are lost, and I hope to use the skills I learn through the course to bring something back to them and give them a piece of their identity back.

“I’ve worked in mental health, and I believe helping the mob to find their identity through art will give them a sense of peace and connection.”

The course commences on Thursday 4 March at TAFE NSW Hunter Street. An information session will be held in the Hunter Street Campus Foyer from 1pm to 2pm on Thursday 25 February.

For more information, head here or phone 131 601.