SWIPE RIGHT: The hottest locations in Newcastle to impress your next Tinder date

Are you swiping right with no idea where you’re actually going to take your next Tinder date? We’re here to help.

In summer, we’d totally recommend taking advantage of Newcastle’s natural beauty with a romantic picnic or after-dinner stroll, but in the colder months, you need to move your swooning indoors.

Below you’ll find our suggestion of some romantic (and warm) spots to get yo romance on!

Ginger Megs

Dark and brooding, Ginger Megs is the perfect restaurant/bar to kick off some intimate conversation and get to know your new friend a little better. Head straight for the cocktail list here. It’s a little pricey but they’re totally delicious and worth every cent. Hit the floor level for a cosy dinner or head upstairs for share plates and cocktails.

Coal & Cedar

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If you’re out to impress, this is the place. Just the fact you know about it, and how to get in, will be an impressive move. Especially for anyone who’s never ventured beyond the doors into the prohibition themed bar. The small and exclusive space will evoke warm encounters and add a touch of class that many Tinder dates are lacking (so we’ve been told).

Civic Theatre

Something a little left of centre, but hear us out. A night at the theatre has all the safety of taking a date to the movies… with added class. We’re not suggesting you take your date to The Next Step or High School Musical (unless that’s their thing) but there are plenty of great ballets and dramatic theatre productions coming to town which will make for a classy-as-fuck way to star a night with your special friend.

Holey Moley

The couple that plays together, stays together… yeah? Well if that’s true, a night of putt-putt fun at Holey Moley in Charlestown is just the ticket. And if you’re into weird and wonderful cocktails, you’ll be here all night as you make your way down the zainy menu.


Got some cash to splash? Love true fine dining and brave degustations? What about wine matching with a sommelier to personally introduce each glass? Well, you can’t go past Subo. It’s a brave move to take a Tinder date here, but there’s one thing for sure… You’ll have a night to remember even if the date doesn’t go well.

Newcastle Art Gallery

Want to impress with your knowledge of art and culture? Newcastle art gallery is just the ticket. And an event we’d recommend for a date is “Last Fridays. It’s a perfect amount of art, music and culture with a few drinkypoos thrown in for good measure. Hit their Facebook event page to find out more.

The Flotilla

It’s the new restaurant everyone’s talking about and for good reason. We wrote about our experience at The Flotilla when it opened a few months ago, and we keep hearing great things about it. Our tip is to get a seat at the bar, where you can see the staff at work making these amazing dishes. It’s also a great distraction if you find yourself on a date where the conversation isn’t flowing as much as you would like it to.

Written by Newcastle Live

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