DONT BE A TURKEY: Will everyone just stop washing their chicken, please!

Stop washing your raw chicken!

That’s the ‘final word’ on washing chicken from the Australian Chicken Meat Federation and the Food Safety Information Council.

They found that 49 per cent of Aussies wash raw whole chicken before cooking it despite the food safety risk that it presents.

“We are still seeing recipes advising cooks to wash raw chicken as part of food preparation,” Australian Chicken Meat Federation Executive Director Dr Vivien Kite said.

“Washing raw chicken before cooking it is likely to splash raw meat juices and any bacteria that may be present around the kitchen sink, benchtop and utensils, and other raw foods, increasing the chance that you might get sick.”

With Australians consuming around 47 kgs per person every year, it’s an important warning to take notice of.

“Some bacteria, like Salmonella, are part of the normal microflora of the chicken gut but can cause illness in humans if food is not handled correctly,” she added.

Dr Kite says storing raw chicken in the fridge for 1 – 2 days after bringing it home and keeping it separate from other cooked or raw foods is essential to keeping everything food safe and that Aussie cooks should wash and dry their hands thoroughly afte handling it.