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AUTUMN FEAST: Stag & Hunter launches new menu

The Stag and Hunter have released their new Autumn menu and it’s a cracker. It boasts some truly next-level pub food and is packed with local produce and some exciting new dishes.

Here at Newcastle Live, we love an entree so we are particularly excited about the Green Chilli Corn Bread and the Charred Corn & Pineapple Tacos but when it comes to the mains, there are so many hero dishes to choose from.

Even your kids are covered. The old faithful nuggets make an appearance but you can also get your kids a decent meal here. Fresh tomato pasta, sausages and mash, fish bites or a kids burger and you can even order a side of mash and veggies if you’re keen.

For the traditionalists, there are loads of classic pub dishes to keep you happy. You can still grab a schnitty or a glorious plate of bangers and mash. There are also loads of burgers to choose from and there is a substantial pizza menu with all the classics.

However, if settling in for some fine wine and delicious food is more your jam…then don’t miss these dishes.

Twice Cooked Pork Belly

Well isn’t this dish a little dance party in your mouth… The crispy pork sitting in a pool of parsnip puree is perfection, and the cider-braised cabbage offers just the right amount of acid to cut through the richness.

Kilcoy rump steak

This may just look like any other pub steak but The Kilroy rump is a fantastic local product. Produced from cattle that are grazed on open fields before being grain-fed for a minimum of 100 days… this steak is a little bit fancy.

Roast Lamb Rump

This meal is a feast. The lamb is just how we like it, blushing pink. The pan-fried potato gnocchi is an enjoyable point of difference to the standard roast spud and the pea puree and caramelised onions tie this plate of goodness together.

Slow-Cooked Duck & Orange Salad

We know that you’re not supposed to be able to make friends with salad… however, add some shredded duck leg, orange, and just the right amount of soy and sesame dressing and our guess is the Stag is making itself a few friends with this one.

Pan-Fried Barramundi

Not your standard fish of the day! We love that the humble Brussel sprout gets a look in here. Add crispy bacon and cauliflower puree and this piece of fish just got a little grown up.

These are just a handful of our faves so check out the full menu head down to the Stag and Hunter this Autumn and try it out. And for those of you who are after a sweet chaser, we have it on good authority that there are some fantastic desserts specials to check out.