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SQUARE EYES: Top TV shows we can’t wait to binge on in 2020

You know the drill – new year new you and all that. Well with the new year also comes a bunch of new TV fare to add to your bingeing schedule.

With streaming services popping up at a fantastic speed (Netflix, Stan, Disney+ et al) sorting the wheat from the chaff can be like trying to find a piece of hay in a massive stack of needles.

Want to know what’s hot? Here are our top five TV shows we can’t wait to clap our peepers on in 2020.

1. Lizzie McGuire 

Have you ever seen such a beautiful night of TV bingeing?

Heck yeah, we are definitely hankering to see Lizzie navigate life as a 30-something in the Big Apple but the main drawcard is DEFINITELY the fact that Gordo is coming back!!

Who doesn’t love Gordo?

2. The Outsider

Is there a Stephen King adaptation that we aren’t a hankering for? Based on one of King’s latest novels and it’s kind of a cross between some sort of crazy crime show and a supernatural dream. 

They had us at crazy crime show!

3. High Fidelity – The Series

Look, I’m kind of a little bit skeptical about this one but keen all the same.

Based on the brilliant novel by Nick Hornby (one that’s already been turned into a movie starring John Cusack and Jack Black) this serialised iteration also promises an incredible twist!.

Well worth your time…perhaps. 

4. Normal People

Another series based on a best-selling novel from Sally Rooney (sensing a trend here, yeah?) this one is sure to be deliciously juicy.

Focusing on the intimacy of everyday life, this is one season you’re going to want to smash through from beginning to end. 

5. Brave New World 

Hurrah! This incredible book, (yes, another page to screen adaptation) is now being turned into an even better TV series and I, for one, cannot wait!

This dystopian nightmare penned by the great Aldous Huxley way back in 1931 is becoming truer to life with each passing moment, so this series could definitely help you get as prepped as possible for when the clocks start striking thirteen!

But, definitely check out the book first, if you haven’t already.

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Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.