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SPEWY: The New Annual show you didn’t know you needed to see

Spewy is the new production from award-winning playwright Ang Collins. The romantic comedy promises to shine a spotlight on the steel city when it takes over Earp Distilling Co. later this month as part of the New Annual.

Directed by the seasoned Adam Deusien, the play has been specifically crafted by regional artists, for regional audiences. And we reckon it just might be the real sleeper of this year’s festival.

From what we understand the story focuses on Al, a true Novocastrian at heart, who can’t fathom living anywhere else, and Nic, who despises the city. A twist of fate reunites Al and Nic almost a decade after graduating from the same high school sparking a timeless tale of will they, won’t they?.

The work is a commentary on how Newcastle can hold a peculiar power over those who call it home. Al and Nic not only find themselves entangled in a complex love-hate dynamic with each other but also city they share.

With Ang Collins’ talent and the direction of Adam Deusien, this play should be one of the first things on your list to see when New Annual kicks off later this month.

Spewy will play at Earp Distilling Co. for four performances from Wednesday 27 September. Visit to find out more.