Song Cover Challenge: Round 12

The Song Cover Challenge is a Newcastle based facebook competition that challenges people to learn new songs, record them and make videos. Every two weeks a themed round is put up, and six people enter to put their own spin on some famous songs. The series has already enjoyed 11 excellent rounds that you can explore here.

Round 12’s theme is James Bond Themes, and was chosen by Round 10 winner Sam. Round 12 sees four competitors do their own spin on classic theme songs from James Bond; the iconic action movie franchise.

Below we have all four entries for Round 12 of the Song Cover Challenge.You can vote for your favourite here.

Suave Ben – Another Way To Die [Jack White & Alicia Keys]

“For the song, Dhare’s computer was cactus, so we had to dumb down the recording process. As for the video, we threw a lot of ideas out there, and any that sounded like a drag we tossed, and any that sounded like a bitchin’ time we kept. Lot’s of Love.”


Manic Pixie Dream Gorilla – You Say My Name [Chris Cornell]

“The songs original lyrics are very strange, so I had to do some chopping and changing to get something that made sense to me. Sorry to all the Cornell purists out there.”


Ryan Farrell – Live & Let Die [Paul McCartney]

“I wanted to do a more stripped back version of the song, mainly because I thought the lyrics were dumb and that reggae bit in the middle was just weird. So we laid down some nice electric guitar and organ sounds (thanks to Brayden Porter) and matched that with some smooth beats (courtesy of Alex Wilhelm). After we had finished with my vocals and the majority of the song was done, Alex went away to his cave to work on the explosive finale, because we knew everyone would be angry at us if we didn’t include the coolest riff in the song.”


Benny Tee – Goldeneye [Tina Turner]

“At first I thought I knew this song, until I listened back to it… Then I realised it would be quite a task to reproduce it with my limited musical skill set. I had to ditch the arrangement and rewrite it.”
“we decided to attempt something more serious and artistic [with the video] as opposed to the ridiculous stuff we normally churn out. Kudos to Pom (Ryan Cox), I reckon it shined up pretty good.”



Written by Spencer Scott

Spencer is a singer/songwriter from Newcastle. He's also a Triple J Unearthed Super User and writes for many national publications.

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