Song Cover Challenge – The Championship Round

Here it is. After ten amazing rounds in this season of The Song Cover Challenge, we have the Championship Round. The winners have gathered together for one more round, to claim the crown of song covering royalty.

The Championship Round’s theme is, naturally, Victory. Songs that celebrate winning, success, power, and championships.

The Song Cover Challenge is a Newcastle based Facebook competition that challenges people to learn new songs, record them and make videos. Every 2nd Monday at 6pm a themed round is put up, and six people enter to put their own spin on some famous songs. The series has just finished it’s 2nd season, and now has 20 rounds that you can explore here.

Below we have all nine entries for The Championship Round of the Song Cover Challenge. You can vote for your favourite here.


Adam Cupitt – The Winner Takes It All (ABBA)

“It’s a great song. Took me a few tries to come up with a style that didn’t ruin it, but I’m pretty happy with the end result and the video is pretty close to the most nonsensical thing I’ve put on the internet. Kudos to Senem for performing the hell out of the ridiculous things I asked her to do. And thank you SCC for another 6 months of the opportunity to make a fool out of myself. It’s been a hoot.”

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Sam Cupitt – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now (Starship)

“Wadda dog of a song. Though it does sound much better sped up and shrieked. Goggles and the Bat Ride Again!”

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Alexander Wilhelm – The Best (Tina Tuner)

“For a song called ‘The Best’, it was dull and difficult work to find the piece in it that I liked. Turns out I was just lazy. Which I think comes across in the video, which is the laziest attempt to recount 2016 as a year. But I got to record another neat guitar solo. Silver linings.”

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Suave Ben – We Are The Champions (Queen)

“We originally planned to do a straight cover of the original, accompanied by a video of us rollerskating in a playground at night. Then we found out that Malcolm in the Middle did something similar 15 years ago, so we binned the idea. This was plan B.
Also, we’d very much like to get 
#SuaveBenSuanSong trending, so please make sure you use this when sharing the video and/or tweeting about us.
Much love to all,

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Rose&theSea – Thunder Road (Bruce Springsteen)

“When we first heard Thunder Road we got really scared…but then we listened to it about a thousand times and we weren’t that scared anymore… then we jammed on it and got scared again…

But with the help of some beautiful friends we pulled it off much better than we could have ever dreamed… it’s almost on the set list…almost.”

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Timothy Abel – Everyone’s A Winner (Hot Chocolate)

“London Lesson #1583637- Don’t trust that there will ever be natural light in the middle of the day. 3pm? No chance. The sun is gone and your video is now set at dusk.

Apologies for turning the funkiest car commercial song ever into a somber celebration of mediocrity.”

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Sally Spicer – Eye Of The Tiger [Survivor]

“I wanted to create something interesting, but then I looked at too many Simpsons memes and this happened instead.”

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Manic Pixie Dream Gorilla – Roar [Katy Perry]

“Right before I recorded this, I had drank about 1.25 litres of Soda Water. Any missed lyrics are results of trying to stop burps. I thought it gave it that Authentic “Roar” feel that the song really drives at, so I just went with it.”

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Phillip Harden – All I Do Is Win [DJ Khaled]

“The hardest part of making this video was learning the rap. The second hardest part was moving house in the middle of the process. The third hardest part was working out how I was going to finish it after my video card died. Thankfully my brother came to the rescue at the last minute and I was able to finish it off. Also thanks to my Amazing wife Amanda for featuring in the video for Snoop dogs verse and the T-Pain like choruses.”

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Written by Spencer Scott

Spencer is a singer/songwriter from Newcastle. He's also a Triple J Unearthed Super User and writes for many national publications.

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