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SO YOU’RE A NEWIE IN NEWY: The Welcome to Newcastle Pack

Just moved here? Looking to relocate?

Are you curious about this beautiful town and why 1997 means so much to us? Want to know where to start?

Here at Newcastle Live, we are all about welcoming new folks to this beautiful town of ours so the following is what we would call a Welcome Pack with all the essentials that will make you feel like a true Novocastrian in no time…if we had the budget to supply one.

Season tickets

Because, heck yeah Novocastrians love sport and is there a better way to spend a Friday night on the Hill sinking some of the finest mid-strength known to man?

Heck no there isn’t, and any true fan is going to fork out for those season tickets, despite never really having the intention to go to even half the games, even less if it’s a particularly wet season.

But hey, it’s all about the idea of support, so you go ahead and buy those tickets and I’ll see you at home on the couch. New-cas-tle! New-cas-tle! New-cas-tle!

A dustpan, a brush, and some respiratory resilience

Because yes, even though we are much (much) more than steel and coal, there are giant ships hanging out in the harbour on the reg (follow Newy Ship Noises for more info) carrying in coal to our great city.

The problem is, we’re near the water, so it’s windy, and when the wind picks up then the coal seems to find ways to sneak into every corner and crevice of our lives.

Depending on your budget, you may find that a stiff breeze or a bus rattling just that little bit too fast outside your window could very well cause a shower of coal dust raining down on your parade.

You get used to it after a while of course. The grime that is. Even the most seasoned Novocastrian still coughs every once in a while.

A tattoo voucher

Because you can’t be a true Novocastrian without a tattoo that tells everyone you’re a true Novocastrian.

Some ideas… coordinates (obviously), A Knight’s head, 1996, 2001, a wave, Newy, Raave Tapes, “we grew here you moved here”… whatever you’re feeling at the time, I can pretty much guarantee you that the artist has done it all.

A map – of how the town used to be

Glory days and all that!

And a license to complain about how much things have changed.

We’re not really about giving you current and up-to-date information here in Newcastle No, no, no.

We want to tell you about the way things were. Like that time the train went all the way into the city, or all of the shops on Darby Street were full.

We could even tell you about that time there were fig trees covering Laman Street, or when looking out to the harbour you were hit with the vision of a giant penis. Springsteen’s Glory Days plays at an EPIC volume.

Coffee, coffee and more coffee

Because, here in Newy, we bloody well love our coffee and you will too.

It won’t take you long to find your local, and then battle it out Anchorman-style in a back alley when someone tries to convince you that your local doesn’t actually have the best coffee in town.

So trust us with this sample pack, follow your nose, chase the bean, and get caffeinated.

Welcome to Newy, friend.

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