Slum Sociable talks to Newcastle Live about their show at The Cambo this Friday

Slum Sociable plays The Cambridge Hotel this Friday, 6 July

Slum Sociable are busy people. They’ve dropped a new single called ‘Do Something About It’, they’ve toured across New Zealand and played the world’s biggest music conference, SXSW.

Now they’re on a run of the East Coast. We chatted ahead of their gig at The Cambridge Hotel this Friday, 6 July.

You’re playing The Combo (Newy’s fav live music room). What should we expect?

A heap of new material! And a party. Always a party.

This is part of a bigger tour. What’s the one thing that keeps you happy during long tour road trips?

Counting everything that our bassist Dylan manages to complain about.

What’s on the stereo during these long drives?

Extremely Bad Man and The Voidz.

Who has the worst BO in your touring crew?

What type of publication is this? You FREAKS! I’m gonna say we’re all pretty well kept. But also; Dylan.

What’s going on in this photo

That’s Dylan’s dog Reggie. If we could tour with him, we would. JUST FUCKING LOOK AT HIM. That was taken before we went to the States in March.

You’re publishing to Cassette. Tell us about that and why you’ve done it?

Sometimes you can get lost within streaming figures and stuff so it felt right to have something tangible when we released the album. Also, one of our cars is really old and can only play tapes. And there’s nothing more we love than listening to our own shit!

Tell us about your latest recording. Who did you work with and what software you using during the process.

Ahhhhh Can’t Figure It Out was written in New York. We worked with a guy called Vlad Holiday who references Rostam as an influence of his, so we implemented a smooth little melotron to carry the track.

The vocal sound for Slum Sociable is really lush. What sort of effects do you use and what do you look for in a vocal effect?

Little bit of grit. Little bit of verb. Little bit of analog delay baby.

Beers or bongs?


We want to get you a gift. What should we buy?


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