Pub Choir founder Astrid Jorgensen and her Chihuahua-Daschund pup Penny will lead Australia's first-ever Pub Choir.

Sing loud and proud with your pooch in Australia’s first-ever Pup Choir!

Does your pooch have perfect pitch? Can you and your four-legged friend belt out a duet to rival Kenny and Dolly?

Well, now’s the time to let those voices (and howls) be heard from on high with Australia’s first-ever Pup Choir.

Yes, you read right. Pet anxiety solutions brand ThunderShirt has partnered with the perennially popular Pub Choir to search for 50 singers, accompanied by their best furry friends to perform a virtual rendition of the mammoth Imagine Dragons hit Thunder.

The idea for the choir was born as an ode to pups Australia-wide who may undergo stress caused by our ever-changing world including separation anxiety when their owners return to work.

Pub Choir founder Astrid Jorgensen will be leading the ensemble with her Chihuahua-Daschund pup Penny and she said the act of singing is a great way for humans to relax and connect.

“Who better to share that sense of calm with than our beloved doggies!? Pub Choir tackles anxiety in humans, and now Pup Choir will try to do the same for our furry best mates.”

Your pooch is welcome to wail right alongside you but…don’t stress because singing is only mandatory for the humans in the duo.

According to Affinity Pet Behaviour research, pet stress and anxiety is a widespread issue in this country with at least 64% of owners believing their dog has experienced stress and anxiety.

Aside from the choir ThunderShirt aims to alleviate this problem with their coats that apply gentle, constant pressure to calm all types of anxiety, fear and over-excitement issues.

If you think you and Rover have got what it takes, head here for more information and to lodge your submission. Entries close on Sunday 6 September.

Written by Newcastle Live

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