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SHOWTIME KAYAKING: Lake Macquarie like you’ve never seen it before

Imagine gliding across Lake Macquarie in a clear kayak with the waters beneath you alive with the marine life illuminated by your kayak’s lights – Welcome to Showtime Kayaking.

This unique nocturnal tour promises to reveal nature’s underwater theatre in a way you’ve never seen before thanks to some pretty amazing state-of-the-art clear kayaks.

The innovative vessels allow you to peer into the underwater world, offering a front-row seat to a spectacle of vibrant sea creatures. The clear kayaks not only provide an unobstructed view but also enhance the overall experience, making you feel like you’re floating above an aquatic stage.

Guiding you through this nocturnal adventure are Showtime Kayaking’s world-class guides.

These witty and adventurous experts possess the combined knowledge of astronomers and marine biologists, sprinkled with the humor of comedians.

Their engaging storytelling and deep understanding of marine life turn the tour into an educational and entertaining journey. You’ll learn fascinating facts about the creatures that inhabit the bay, the ecological significance of the marine environment, and the importance of sustainable tourism practices.

SHOWTIME KAYAKING: A VIP experience for everyone

Even if you’re a novice kayaker, there’s no need to worry. The guides are adept at providing clear instructions and support throughout the tour, ensuring that everyone can participate and enjoy the adventure.

Their expertise and approachable demeanour create a relaxed atmosphere where you can fully immerse yourself in the wonders of the nocturnal marine world.

The tour’s small group setting offers an exclusive, VIP-like experience that is perfect for bonding with friends and loved ones. As you share this unique adventure, laughter and awe will fill the air, creating unforgettable memories. The intimate group size also allows for personalized interactions with the guides, making the experience feel even more special. It’s a perfect outing for those seeking a blend of adventure, education, and entertainment in a stunning natural setting.

Showtime Kayaking