Shiny Shiny Band: Top 5 Inspirational Women in Music

The upcoming ‘Music Technology Workshops for Women’ at Sawtooth Studios on 19th and 20th of September are all about giving women a hands-on experience in music technology, and empowering more women to enter the music production field.  We had a chat with workshop facilitators, the Shiny Shiny duo of Melania Jack and Patty Bom, about their biggest female inspirations in the music industry…


Daphne Oram

Daphne has been a huge inspiration to both of us. Daphne has a huge list of amazing accomplishments in the electronic sound world, but we love that she invented one of the world’s first electronic sound synthesis machines – The Oramics Machine. Unfortunately, she was so far before her time that when she tried to patent the design they could not understand what it was and so would not let her buy a patent! So it sat in the attic for decades until it was pulled out recently for an exhibition on her life’s work in London. We are so fascinated by her work, her music and her life that we created our recent project “The Ironing Maidens” in homage to her work.

Delia Derbyshire

Another woman before her time, and under-acknowledged, Deliah is best known for making the Doctor Who soundtrack. She created quite a huge body of work in electronic compositions.


For her individuality, and because she is not only a creator, but an innovator. We love that she produces and engineers her own work, and her sound is just brilliant.

PJ Harvey

She has never got stuck in a sound, she just keeps evolving and trying new things, every album is unique and timely.

Fever Ray/The Knife

We love Karin Dreijer Andersson of Fever Ray and The Knife for her vocal sound, her style is so identifiably her.

You can catch Melania and Patty when they hold their ‘Music Technology Workshops for Women’ at Sawtooth Studios on 19 & 20 September. Fore more information, or to book your spot head to Shiny Shiny’s website.

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