SETTING THE STANDARD: Australian Women in Music leaders to share their stories

Organisers of the Australian Women in Music Awards (AWMAs) will host a #SetTheStandard virtual panel in October.

Moderated by television and radio presenter, Yumi Stynes, the virtual event will bring together a panel of female leaders and change-makers from across the creative industries, for a conversation about leadership and issues women face in creative industries.

Attendees of the event will hear directly from industry leaders directly about how women are making a difference in their chosen creative fields, including the Australian Recording Industry Association CEO. Annabelle Herd.

“All the evidence shows that companies and organisations that embrace gender equality and have diverse leadership teams make better decisions and achieve greater success,” said Annabelle.

“Despite that, progress for women in leadership roles is still glacial. That pace will not change until we establish ambitious targets backed by concrete steps to get us there.”

Other panellists include CEO of Settlement Services International Violet Roumeliotis, and the founder, CEO of Common Ground, Rona Glynn-McDonald and the Australian Women in Music Awards Founding Executive Producer, Vicki Gordon.

“We can no longer call out inequality with words and aspirations. All of us in privileged positions of power need to lead with action and conviction if we are serious about creating ‘real’ change,” Vicki said.

“This panel will not only unpack the issues confronting women in leadership roles and the opportunity to build a more cohesive and inclusive society, we will discuss how women can build a more supportive and successful future together.”

The #SetTheStandard virtual event is happening on Wednesday, 6 October 2021 at 5:30 pm You can find out more and register by clicking here.