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Seriously…what’s up with all the mum shaming?

I read an article the other day which threw me for six.

Now, a disclaimer… I’m not a mum, and I don’t hang out on mummy blogs and, apart from watching that one series of Yummy Mummies, I have little to no experience at motherhood.

I’m still not really sure where I stand on the whole having children factor but… the words I read in this particular article deterred me, not from having kids, but becoming a mother.

And yes, I know, that particular statement is confusing so I’ll break it down for you.

The article in question was about a celebrity midwife known mostly as Midwife Cath. Now, according to the article published here via the Today show, Cath is currently being ostracised over an Instagram post. A post where she promoted the hashtag #fedisbest.

Now here’s me going: “well duh, your small child needs nourishment and who am I to comment whether breastfeeding or formula is best?”

For one, I am not an expert but for two, whose business is it really, to state what one mother is doing is far better than another.

Apparently doing your best isn’t enough these days. It’s all about being the perfect mother, wife, partner, family member etc and having it all.

Cath is clearly a very successful and knowledgeable midwife. She’s delivered countless babies and is the front-runner in terms of choice when it comes to the wives of the rich and famous.

I really had no idea how vicious the ‘mummy’ world could be until I read this particular article, the accompanying post and oh yes… the Facebook comments. 

It seems pretty common sense to me that a fed baby, is a happy baby, meaning a happy mother (or carer) and an all-round happier place for us all.

But no.

See, Midwife Cath was not only condemned for making such a statement, but she has also now been ordered to undergo extra training from The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia for going against protocol. I’m sorry, advocating for all mothers is now against protocol?

I can’t speak on the science of formula feeding versus breastfeeding, but I can advocate for the women suffering from a horrendous amount of bullying and pressure from online communities.

Because apparently doing your best isn’t enough these days. It’s all about being the perfect mother, wife, partner, family member etc and having it all. But having it all in the right way of course. The kind that looks good on Instagram.

The point of this article is, why don’t we all just mind our own business, and get off each other’s backs, and start supporting one another, especially those of us caring for children, and create a supportive and caring environment for all involved.

It takes a village as they say.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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