Self care on a budget in Newcastle

Tips on how to take care of yourself when you’re on a budget in Newcastle

You wouldn’t know with the current weather, but Winter is over frands, which for me, the winter blues are slowly yet surely starting to melt away (see what I did there?). I for one, am incredibly grateful for this, I don’t care for the blues unless I’m listening to them and drinking whisky at the same time. The best way to kick your blues is by practising some self-care. After all, you are your own number one bae and maybe it’s time you started leading sentences with I. People think self-care is expensive or hard or too inconvenient but the thing is, it can be none of those things. Self-care on a budget is a thing and here is how to get started and most won’t cost you a penny.

Aim to find a new patch of grass every day. 

I don’t mean literally go and find a new patch of grass and stare at it, this will probably not do anything to improve your mental health but… you should go exploring. Sunshine and exercise won’t fix everything, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction towards feeling better.

Move your body.

Yah, most of these self-care red hot tips do involve leaving the comfort of your home, putting on clothes and leaving the house but… it doesn’t mean you have to run 10kms and break a PB at the gym. Yoga, meditation, anything that encourages you to take time out for you, purposeful time out for you whilst simultaneously encouraging you to move your body is surely a good thing. And if, like me, you’re on a budget, try Yoga for all which is a pay what you can type situation on Bolton Street.


Do you know reading is the one thing you do where you don’t do anything else at the same time? When was the last time you picked up a book and read? Like actually read. Scrolling through your phone does not count as reading by the way, and maybe social media has something to do with your body calling out for self-care.

The ocean fixes everything

Even if it’s 5 degrees in the water, I can pretty much guarantee that you will feel like a brand new human after going for a quick dip. Just dunk yourself in at the baths, why not? You deserve it. And with the weather getting warmer what better way to start/end the day amirite?

Talk to someone (I mean really talk to someone)

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have my first psychologist appointment next week. This doesn’t make me “crazy” or “whacked out” or whatever other grossly inaccurate stereotype people like to attribute to therapy. Everyone has things going on that are 100% unique to them and their experiences. As well as this, if you visit your GP and get a mental health care plan, 10 sessions a year a free meaning it still fits into the budge life.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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