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NO SCHNIT: Where to grab a great schnitzel in Newcastle and beyond…as voted by YOU

Ahh, the humble schnitzel – that inviting Austrian-born concoction of tenderised protein coated in flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs then fried into a morish bundle of deliciousness.

Be it chicken, beef or pork, there is a heck of a lot of love for this Aussie pub staple in our part of the world and for good reason. There is no shortage of eateries in our region serving up fantastic examples of this no-fooling classic.

We took a look at the Newy schnitty game back in 2017 and thought it was high time to take another look at where to grab a great schnitzel.

So without further ado, here are the top five – as voted by you!

Il Volcano

850 Hunter Street, Newcastle West

This humble little restaurant has been around what seems like forever and a large part of its longevity seems to be the quality of their schnitzels.

There are no bells and whistles accompanying this one – just one of the most head-scratchingly massive schnitzels you’re likely to encounter in the Hunter Region and a choice of bolognese, Napoletana, gravy, Bianco (mushroom) or creamy garlic sauce.

If you haven’t checked out these perfectly cooked treasures in this iconic Novo culinary institution, you might want to rethink your schnitzel game.

Iron Horse Inn

329 Main Road, Cardiff

When it comes to schnitzel choice, Cardiff’s Iron Hores Inn certainly has you covered.

According to their menu, they offer a choice of classic chicken or vegetarian schnitzel coupled with an astonishing 11 toppers to choose from.

If it’s the classics like the Parmigana or something a little more left of centre like the Moo Ha Ha (grilled corn chips, chilli con Carne, sour cream, guacamole and cheese) that you’re after, the Iron Horse is the place to be.

Sunnyside Tavern

20 Broadmeadow Road, Broadmeadow

Another eatery high on the list for stupendous schnitzels, Broadmeadow’s Sunnyside offers a no-frills classic schnitzel, served with gravy and chips and salad OR mash and veg (the two staple choices of any self-respecting schnitty purveyor).

But if you’re looking for more ‘oomph’ you can also opt for their utterly delicious Parmagiana or even a hand crumbed schnitzel burger.


Imperial Hotel

458 High Street, Maitland

There was an awful lot of love for The Imperial’s schnitzels – especially for their ABC topped creation. It’s as simple as the title too – avocado, bacon, and cheese – but the result is a match made in schnitzel heaven.

They also do a mean Tex-Mex topper so we’re told and you can pick up a hefty 200g schnitty for lunch at just $14.

Not bad indeed.

Fire Station Hotel

22 Devon Street, Wallsend

Not having sampled the schnitzels at this Wallsend watering hole, our interest has definitely been piqued with the number of recommendations coming from you.

Again made in-house, these schnitzels can be enjoyed au naturale or with an array of tempting toppers including the classic Parmiagana, pork and prawn and New York Pepperoni.

Written by Newcastle Live

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