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SAVE THE CAMBRIDGE: Petition launched to save iconic live music venue

The Newcastle Live Music Taskforce, including Newcastle MP Tim Crakanthorp, are backing a petition calling on Linkcity to reconsider the location of their planned development on the site of the Cambridge Hotel.

“If the development goes ahead, we will be on the path of making Newcastle null and void to the Australian music industry and beyond,” the petition reads.

“If Linkcity will not relocate their development then the Cambridge Hotel must be incorporated into the future plan for the site.”

The proposed development of inner-city student accommodation on the site will see the Cambridge Hotel close its door in June 2023.

While the prominent art deco 1940’s building will be retained as part of the redevelopment, Linkcity has said that a licensed venue in student accommodation does not meet their objective of providing a safe sanctuary for young people that may be living away from home for the first time.

Front of a flyer distributed at today’s announcement
Back of a flyer distributed at today’s announcement

Backers of the petition say that the proposed development takes away an iconic and vital part of Newcastle’s rich music history and scene and if allowed to go ahead would potentially open the door for more venues to be wiped out in future.

“We are all about the city progressing, but simply can’t stand for this particular proposal here!”

You can sign the Save The Cambridge petition by visiting