Sahara Beck’s ‘Panacea’ tour rolled into Newcastle last Saturday night at Lizotte’s. Man what a show, looks can be deceiving within her tiny frame and those doe eyes you just don’t expect the huge stage presence that Sahara commands. Theatrical, honest and engaging on stage, Sahara had the audience in the palm of her hand right from the get go.

Sahara and her four piece band were nothing short of sensational on the night playing songs from her new album Panacea as well as tunes from her earlier album and EP’s. Sahara’s music is an eclectic mix that crosses a wide range genres from Jazz, pop, rock and everything in between which she gels together beautifully with her own unique style.

Some of the many highlights on night for us were ‘Here It Comes’ the opening track off Panacea (check out the video below) and ‘Bang Bang Bang’ which Sahara affectionately introduced as “a big F%#k You to an Ex boyfriend”.

If you get the opportunity to catch this young artist live do it !

Newcastle’s own rising star Morgana Osaki opened night with a fantastic set, every time we see this talented young artist she is raising the bar higher and higher with her unique blend of Folk/Electronica music.

Words and Photos by: Craig Wilson, Swamp House Photography