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RUGGED UP AND LOVED UP: Cosy winter date ideas to warm your heart

There’s no time like winter time to cosy on down with your new number one bae.

And for those of us who have been coupled-up for a while, it can take a bit of convincing to leave the trackies behind and treat your lady/man/partner right. How to do that you ask? Here are our top five winter picks.

1. Winter beach picnic

Now hear me out here. There really is no better time to find a spot on the sand to get snuggly than winter. You’ve got blankets at home right? Or if you’re really living the dream you’ve probably got a van decked out with fairy lights ready to go! So why not grab some don Beppinos and cosy up kids?

2. The Grand Hotel

I know a lot of pubs in town have a fireplace but none are quite like the grand. Why not go on a Tuesday evening, grab a snitty, and head on down for wine and jazz at 8.

3. The drive-in

Did someone say #romance? What a dream to take your bae and cuddle up in the back of the car with a movie and plenty of snacks. Personally, I would recommend the doughnuts. Hands down every time.

4. Bar hopping

Which is completely different than a pub crawl. If you plan it right, a night of bar hopping makes for an excellent date. Drinks at one, entree at another, cocktails galore, and snacks upon snacks. You get the drift right? Newcastle has many (many) amazing venues and I’m sure you can map our a journey for yourselves.

5. Susuru

Winter is obviously the best time for noodles and there’s no better place for noodles than Susuru. #winning #winter #numberonebae