REVIEW: The Girl Folder, Call a Hault EP

Newy band, The Girl Folder, has been wowing local audiences with their live shows, so we asked Newcastle Live contributor, Sarah Pfeiffer to take a listen to their Call a Hault EP and let us know what she thought. 

Most of the time, when I first hear a new band, I immediately try to choose two to three artists that the band sounds similar to. When you give a band a genre, they fall quickly in the mix with many other big name artists. Its how an artists stands against these big names that makes then popular, and gives new artists their claim to fame. If one band sounds exactly like The Reubens, whose to say people will listen to them and not the real thing? The Girl Folder, however, sits perfectly in the middle of three artists. Their sound is a perfect mix of The National, Neil Diamond, and Boy and Bear, while their vocals sound close to Story of the Year. Call a Halt could easily be on the soundtrack for a Home and Away episode. Whether you want to admit it or not, no matter the level of acting experience, the music on that show is marvelous, and I think The Girl Folder would complement the show’s alternative playlist very well.

Everybody Waiting, on the other hand, sound completely different. Everybody Waiting gives you the same vibe and same three beginning notes that Sweet Carolina by Neil Diamond gives you with a heavier guitar, and a lovely keyboard solo in the middle. Perfect for a drive down the highway, or a day hanging on the beach.

A band who can convey two completely different sounds in two songs is genius in my book. It means they are capable of producing a wide range of music, which can be very good for a young, developing band. The Girl Folder has an ultimately soothing sound, with an indie-rock feel, perfect for calm, rainy days. The members of this band have a lot in common but are from all over the map. Being different places, the band is able to bring different sounds and influences from all over the world. This unique mix of influences make for a better band, and a more well-rounded sound. I will definitely be looking for more from The Girl Folder in the future, and hope to see them around Newcastle at a local pub or coffeehouse.

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