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REVIEW: RAAVE TAPES launch ‘k bye’ at Fort Scratchley

Whenever I go to these local intimate gigs, I never truly know what to expect, and I’m usually always pleasantly surprised. Going to see RAAVE TAPES new single launch for ‘k bye’ on Saturday night was no different.

As I walk up to the venue, the one and only Fort Scratchley, I’m thinking how both odd and very cool it is to have the launch here. 

I get inside to see groups of people drinking champagne and beer and chatting away, some outside enjoying the ever-unique Newcastle view, and some inside chatting with mates or simply getting their groove on early to the music already playing.

I walk into the bar and what do I see? Apart from the aforementioned beer and champagne, I was looking at 3 massive and equally awesome cheese platters. There were cheese platters at this gig, these guys knew how to please before they even started playing!

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As I looked around the room I can’t help but feel a house party vibe. A big bunch of mates out listening to music, drinking, snacking and having a great time. And that’s basically how it was. As the guys get ready to start playing their set everyone starts to pile into the room.

If I closed my eyes, I could’ve sworn I was in their garage listening to them jam. Honestly, I was almost waiting for someone’s mum to come in and tell them to turn it down. But eyes open is a whole different story. I’m drinking champagne while munching on Brie and crackers, watching these punk rock kids jam out with one of the best views in Newcastle. 

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They played a few songs which included ‘2 U xoxo’ and “Corridor”, in which the guys funnily introduced as their song “hallway”. 

But then came the song we were all waiting for. Joab Eastley stepped up and said a few words. He mentioned that we were all there for something special, and made a joke that we were all REALLY there to celebrate the mighty Knights win on Saturday, not their new single! 

As he spoke he mentioned that in all of their celebrations of the Knights winning that afternoon, they then heard their track spun on air on Triple J, lifting spirits even higher for the oh so Novocastrian band. 

“So here’s our new song, it’s called “Ketamine” or something.”

Everyone was moving, head-banging, dancing or just swaying, everyone was just into it. 

They rocked the song from start to finish and everyone clapped with a few woos here and there, you could tell the band were stoked with what they had put together that night, and rightfully so. 

These guys are working their way up in Australian music with yet another spin on Triple J last night on Richard Kingsmill’s “2017” show in which showcases all kinds of brand new music for the week. 

RAAVE TAPES will be playing in Newcastle again very soon. They’ll be shutting down the Argyle House on Sunday the 20th of August with a bunch of other local Aussie acts as well. 

Go and catch these guys play in Newcastle if you can, they’re a buzz to watch and just reek of cool.

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